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Hawkesbury based, (Windsor, Richmond, and surrounding suburbs) and covering the Hills District, Lower Blue Mountains and Penrith Nepean area.  All your cleaning and maintenance supplies to cover interior and exterior needs available under one roof.  Kitchen, bathroom, laundry, hygiene, commercial & industrial products for indoors and outside surfaces, plus a range of catering and hospitality supplies.

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Product: COVID-19 WEAPONS - COVID-19 Killers

COVID-19 Killers

Products to cover the kitchens, food service areas, bathroom, living areas, offices, children's play areas etc.

Bathroom Wiz - Contains sodium hypochlorite, stabilised and blended in a way to outperform most disinfectants.  Fast action product (Phosphate Free)

Hypofoam (Chlorinated Sanitiser) - AQIS IOA No 10541 - A biodegradable chlorinated sanitiser for domestic and commercial use.  Thoroughly cleans your bathroom and disinfects heavily soiled surfaces.  (Phosphate Free)

Auto Sani Dishmate Liquid - Highly alkaline liquid detergent with sanitising agent for use in automatic dishwashing and glass washing machines assisting to remove stubborn stains (Phosphate Free)

Cool Blue Sanitiser - AQIS IOA No. 10319 - Surface sanitiser for food contact surfaces and work areas.

Viral Control Sanitiser - APVMA Approval No: 86329/115497 - Fast acting sanitiser formulated to kill even the toughest of viral germs in applications such as Poultry Sheds, Veterinary Kennels, Farm machinery and equipment, and for general sanitation.

ViroControl A Commercial Sanitiser which is fast actiong, non-rinse, ready to use product for commercial and domestic sanitation. Formulated to kill even the toughest viral germs auch as the Coronavirus.  ViroControl is so diverse, it can even be used as a fogging machine solution.

Mould Remover - Heavy duty spray & wipe formula, designed to remove mould, dirt, greas, smears and grime without need for rinsing.  Kills germs fast and is suitable for all common surfaces including bathroom and kitchen walls.  Contains sodium hypochlorite.

Mould Control - Ideal for cleaning mould from outdoor areas where mildew is produced, such as damp areas, roof tiles and walls.  Spray and leave!

Rapid Outdoor Cleaner - Cleans and removes algae, moss and mildew from outdoor surfaces.

Clean Touch Instant Hand Sanitiser - Kills 99.99% of common germs.  Alcohol based hand sanitiser reduces bacteria on skin, leaving hands refreshed without stickiness or residue. 

Alcohol Free Instant Hand Sanitiser - Kills 99.99% of common germs. Ideal product for facilities where hand hygiene is critical, and in particular where alcohol based sanitisers are not suited. 

Hospital Grade Disinfectants - Eucalyptus, Pine, Lemon, Fruity, Lavender, Musk, or Talc Fresh. Ideal for disinfecting, sanitising and general purpose household cleaning.  Leaves a fresh fragrance, and hygienic surfaces.


  Code Description Price  
A1052 Bathroom Wiz $ 21.00 / 5ltr  
A1079 Hypofoam (Chlorinated Sanitiser) $ 22.00 / 5ltr  
ASD05 Auto Sani Dishmate Liquid $ 21.90 / 5ltr  
ASD15 Auto Sani Dishmate Liquid $ 51.00 / 15ltr  
A1230 Cool Blue Sanitiser $ 18.50 / 5ltr  
A-VCS05 Viral Control Sanitiser $ 41.00 / 5ltr  
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