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Product: Research/Citrus Resources - Orange Squirt

Orange Squirt
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ORANGE SQUIRT All Natural, Spray and Wipe Cleaner - its list of all natural ingredients are safe from harsh irritants to the skin, as well as being more biodegradable than petroleum products.

Easily removes heavy carbon based soils - like chicken rotisseries, stoves, etc. Effective on heavy fatty, greasy deposits and soap scum found in shower blocks, kitchens, mining camps, and engineering works.

Ideal for general Spray & Wipe Cleaning - it instantly dissolves ink stains and general grime on painted and unpainted vitreous surfaces without smearing, even glass. Because it contains no petroleum solvents it may be used on plastics, clear acrylic sheeting, polycarbonates without fear of cracking or hazing.

Mopping and Scrubbing - for concrete and tiled floors, unsealed vinyl in kitchens, bathrooms, engineering works, shops, etc.

Light Duty Cleaning - Maintenance automatic scrubbing of shopping malls on tile and stone, general maintenance washing and cleaning.


  Code Description Price  
40012 Orange Squirt 1 ltr $ 12.00 / Pack  
40015A Orange Squirt 5 ltr $ 48.40 / Pack  
40015 Orange Squirt 15 ltr $ 134.20 / Pack  
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